The pharmaceutical industry is built on a platform of innovation, efficiency and effectiveness. Since the first list of standard drugs recorded by the FDA in 1820, the business of developing medicinal compounds has evolved into arguably the most essential industry on the planet. This has led to an increased life expectancy across the globe, something that Tec Group International is truly passionate to embrace. With the ever evolving market trends the pharmaceutical industry revenue across the globe has increased from approximately $310 billion in 2001 to $1055 billion in 2014.

The industry has seen exceptional growth, which has been unmatched by the entry of new talent into the market place, Tec Group International understands the need for continued access to the best talent. With the ever evolving regulations in the industry there is a continued shortage of experienced professionals, Tec Group International has been built on quality. We pride ourselves on the understanding of a company’s culture, how they differ and how this can effect a candidates professional life.


Typical areas we support within Health Economics & Outcomes Research include:


  • Market Access
  • Pricing & Reimbursement
  • Epidemiology

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