Vacancy Details


Senior Risk Based Inspection Engineer

Doha, Qatar

Principal Accountabilities

  • Monitor the Inspection Management System (IMS) and RBI performance and prepare recommendations to mitigate risk. Monitor and update RBI study to identify and quantify the types of degradation occurring in equipment to mitigate risk.
  • Assign damage mechanisms and corrosion rates to equipment based on process and environmental conditions in order to specify inspection types to be implemented at next inspection.
  • Identify likely failure mechanisms and expected rates of failure and advice on system recommendations through report reviews.
  • Enter potential damage mechanisms and corrosion rates into Capstone software as per API guidelines defined in a corrosion study in order to update risk ranking.
  • Run criticality assessments for equipment following shutdowns to establish risk levels based on inspection results, Modifications to process, and modifications to equipment.
  • Initiate inspection data reviews to confirm prediction credibility and to establish appropriate inspection plans for plant. Create a dynamic inspection plan with details of methods, location, extent, and frequency for each piece of equipment.
  • Evaluate condition-monitoring confidence by recommending reduction / deletion of inspections to reduce unnecessary costs. Provide recommendations of increase / amendment of inspections, risk classification and risk reduction using software and API tables, based upon these evaluations.
  • Participates in equipment failure investigations using self-determined criteria for analysis to assess damage, related costs and reasons for failures to mitigate future risk in related equipment.
  • Understanding of SAP and IMS interface requirements in order to facilitate transfer of information between the two systems. API 510 and API 580 is certification requirement for the position of Senior Risk based Inspection Engineer.

  • Knowledge, Skills & Experience

    • B.Sc or equivalent in Mechanical/Metallurgical Engineering. Registered as Chartered
    • Relevant Qualification in Inspection Practices and Control. Must hold the all relevant API Certifications.
    • Relevant Training / Certification in computer applications.
    • Minimum of 10 years experience in Oil and Gas Industry.
    • Minimum of 10 years experience in the Inspection / Corrosion field.
    • Minimum of 5 years experience in operations of Inspection Management System and Corrosion Monitoring system.

    Independent Action

    Work under the supervision of the Senior Inspection Management Systems Engineer.
    He is responsible for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the Inspection Systems.

    Contacts And Influencing Requirements
    Regular daily contact with the Senior Inspection Engineer. Regular contact with corrosion and inspection staff with regards inspection data from reports and surveys.

    Records, Statements And Correspondence
    Data and information to be inputted as required during regular duties and as directed by Senior Inspection Management Systems Engineer.
    Accuracy, reliability and good command of English.

    Highest Level Of Confidential Information
    Shall maintain a high level of confidentiality of information related to corrosion and inspection data, corrosion and inspection reports and other company related confidential information.

    Requirement to be aware of all safety requirements pertaining to both office and site localities. All safety aspects to cover all forms of related inspection duties and personnel safety.

    Physical Effort
    Must be able to work in office conditions and also have physical capabilities required to visit field locations.

    Applying For The Job

    There are various ways to apply for this position:

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    • Contact the consultant directly:

    Andrew Gold

    +974 4468 9350

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